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I have a 2010 Nitro. The tpms indicates the monitor for the left rear is not working so I switched the rear wheels so that side had a known good sensor, and the left rear still has no signal. So I checked for a trigger for that wheel. I found out there are 3 triggers on the car and it uses process of elimination for the fourth sensor. The left rear is the one without a sensor. Anyone have an idea what the problem may be?
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When changing wheel sensor positions on the vehicle, it may take a 10 minute drive (or a couple of miles) over 15 mph to learn the new wheel positions.
The 4th TPMS transmitter is detected by default. The module knows the position of the other 3 sensors by placing the 3 receivers in the wheel wells.
Knowing the fault code from the WCM would help diagnosis. Many good tire stores have tools that can read TPS faults as all vehicles have them now. The dealer may also get you a diagnosis under the minimum shop charge.
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