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No heat in 2001 Grand Caravan

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So I was coming home last night from a trip and noticed my temperature gauge was not moving. Car was getting colder so I was getting no heat at all. I stopped for a nature brake and noticed that while the car was idling the temperature gauge needle was moving up and I was getting heat back in the vehicle. After the short pit stop I got back on the road and as I got further down the road the temperature gauge started its journey back to all the way cold. Any thoughts as to what it could be. I will check the coolant level but aside from that what else? Could it be a thermostat? Van has 130,000 miles on it and the thermostat is the factory original. Forget to mention it has the 3.3 flex fuel engine. Any advise would be valued. Thanks
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Check your coolant level first. Add as needed - be sure to use HOAT antifreeze. No heat at speed is a symptom of low coolant. If you still have no or little heat, I'd check the thermostat by removing it and putting it in boiling water to make sure it is opening properly though it sounds like it is sticking open. Check for DTC's (Diagnostic Trouble Codes). You may need to visit a AutoZone or Advance Auto - they'll retrieve the fault codes (if any) for no charge. Is the Check Engine Light on? If the t-stat is stuck open it can set a coe indicating the engine is running too cold - I forget what it is in the ODBII system, but it was code 17 in ODBI.
+1 on checking the radiator and reservoir coolant levels.
If both are low, I suspect that you have a coolant leak. Look for drips underneath.
Coolant level is correct in both the radiator and overflow reservoir. I think I will try a new thermostat. There is no check engine light on. Thanks!!
If the thermostat is stuck open, it will cause the symptoms you describe.
Checked out the thermostat today. It was in two pieces. Installed a new gasket and thermostat and all is good now. Thanks for all the help.!!
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