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No radio display on '05 Pacifica

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I bought an '05 Pacifica in Dec 2004 and now has about 95,000 miles and no major problems. However, a few days ago the radio display went blank. The indicators of the radio light up, radio and CD player and everything else work, but no display. Can't tell the time or the station or channel I'm listening. The label on the radio has the following info: Chrysler Corporation; Part No. P05094468AC; S/N TZ1AA1454B2720; Date Code 1454; Supplier 45811H; Assembled in Mexico; 2004, AP.MAY.
Does anyone know how to repair this radio, or who can repair it or replace the display? I realize I can buy a modern radio at BestBuy or online, however, I'd like some info about fixing this one. Thanks.
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Thanks. I have the radio in my hands, however, the CD player is on top of the display board and visual inspection is not very productive. I'll keep tinkering with it, maybe I'll get it, but thanks anyways.
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