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There is no CANBUS on a 1998!

The radio I retrofitted into my 1995 Dodge Intrepid is an identical looking CD-cassette-AM/FM unit. It did not light up when I got it, either. Its panel illumination is by light bulbs, the little bayonet-mount type. Every single one was burned out which was probably why I was able to get it for next to nothing. I soldered in grain-of-wheat bulbs, using the contacts on the board for solder pads. The bulbs I had were 14 volt so they are not quite as bright as the originals but they are unlikely to ever burn out.

But on yours, if the panel with labels and callouts is lighting up but the greenish display is not, it is likely that the display has failed. They depend on pressure contact between a circuit board and the many contacts to the segments of the display, dozens of them. In most home consumer equipment the displays were assembled and supplied by a vendor to the equipment manufacturer. On rare occasions they were clamped to the main front panel circuit board by a soldered-on metal frame. Either way they were virtually impossible to repair and in the latter case, often in the first, only available by replacement at the board level. But I don't know how parts for this particular radio were supplied by the OEM (Mitsubishi?)
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