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No Screen on 1998 Dodge Durango's RAZ Radio

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I checked the fuses, and bench tested the radio - there's something wrong with the radio itself, and I don't know where to start to fix it. I can't seem to find any service manuals or anything like that, so I'm coming here in case anyone with any particular experience can help me fix this! Thank you!

I've put three radios in, 1 aftermarket that worked when removed, and broke when replaced, and 2 'factory' (one that once worked in the car, and a junkyard one. No screens on any of them

The part number of the radio is P04070438AE H. This is the unit. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!!!
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Then it's a bad radio - unless I'm missing something somewhere, because that lights up, so far as I can tell turns on and tunes properly - just without a screen : /

Is there anything inside the radio that can be checked/fixed?
There used to be a company that sold a display fix kit years ago when these were newer and replacement radios were not cheap.
I don’t see any display repair services any more. This may be a find what you can in the junkyard. When I was upgrading to an AM/FM/CD/cassette I think it took three tries to get a good one from the junkyard (which let me return the bad one for the next one until I found the hood one). Once I found a good one, it never failed.
Based on what I see, your test method is fine. Convinced your display is burned out. In a vehicle you can postulate a bad ground but on the bench any ground is pretty much direct and easily testable.
Yeah, I got a radio with a good display and moved some parts around to get it working. It was definitely the radio, not the truck.
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