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Having trouble with my 2002 b3500 15 passenger with 5.9l with 183, 600 miles

Was driving on the expressway (about 70mph) when I lost power (engine cut out), tried to restart the engine & all I got was the engine cranking over but not starting.
Had van towed home & tried several things to see if I could figure out what the problem was
These are the things I have tried & or checked: fuel pump-working (can hear it turn on & smell gas), checked/replaced ignition coil, checked ALL fuses @ power dist. box & fuse panel inside vehicle, checked for spark @ coil-nothing, checked for spark @dist cap-nothing there is power @ coil & cam sensor & crank sensor , also replaced the ASD relay, dist. is rotating, plugs/wires cap & rotor are good.

I have only had this van for about 1 month & have driven it about 500-600 miles with the only problem other than replacing the ball joints & front brake pads being that twice I have been driving down the road & the gauges have cut-out (lost speedometer, fuel, oil pressure, temp) for about 10-30 seconds then coming back on but have not lost power or had engine shut off.

There is a sticker on the PCM that is was changed @ 163, 500 in 2010.

I have checked for codes using a cheap code scan tool-not currently showing any trouble codes (when I purchased the van it had an O2 sensor & evap leak code).

I'm looking for a possible reason and a fix for the problem-possible cam position sensor, crank position sensor, pcm, something & how can I test these sensors to see if they are working .

Any and all help with this problem would be a great help!
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