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In my 3.8 L town &country 2001, there's a cricketing noise coming from the engine. I already changed both the idle pulley and the tensor pulley, continuing to be the same, the noise didn't dissapear. Today while i was checking for the fifth time the engine with my mechanic's esthethoscope, i discovered that the origin of the cricketing noise was THE BAND. THE BAND is rubbing the tensor's pulley body, that is what produces the cricketing noise.
So checking the rest of the band, it seems to be well mounted, it fits nicely within the rest of the components (alternator,cranck pulley, water pump, steering pump, and the idle pulley). So my question is: how can i make the band to sit properly on the tensor pulley,so it doesnt rub the tensors body. Or is there something i can Put on the band so the noise can dissapear?
Please help me
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