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obscure valiants

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found these on a aussie classic car trader they evan have a valiant "elcamino" there and all these are rigth hand drive,Max~0.5
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That pickup AKA 'Ute' bodystyle was apparently only used on the Aussie/NZ and some South African Mopar A bodies...............

I'll admit it was weird it wasn't available here in the USA since GM and Ford had both the El Camino and Ranchero.
I think Chrysler was happy enough with the A-100 pickup.
but its cool just think it with a 426
could u imagine a valiant vj 440 drag car? that would be a sight to see.
Aussie "Utes" terminology is short for "Coupe Utility Vehicle"
Originally conceived by Ford Australia in the early 1930s, and adopted by other manufacturers, utes are Not Pickup trucks.
A"ute" is based on a car body, a Pickup truck is based on a "truck".

Generally utes have one panel pressing for the rear 1/4s, a pickup has a separate detatched bed.

Chrysler Corp "utes" in Oz go back to the 1930s Way Way b4 America got to make the,.

Here is a Plymouth 1935 ute.

1956 Plymouth ute (based off the 53 body).[email protected]/6868126257/

Or how about a nice 1968 Dart Ute.....turbo too.....

GM still make an ElCamino :) here.....

Or a New "Ranchero" :)...
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Cruising through the forum guys, saw this thread and thought I'd say "G'day!" from Oz :)

We sure do have some unique Chrysler cars down this way, and yep, even some utes!

I have a 1966 A body utility, we call it a "VC Valiant Wayfarer". Originally a six pot, mine now has an all alloy Indy engine to keep the weight down, and 528 cubes to keep the frights up.

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