Not only was Ram the sole FCA brand to beat its U.S. October sales figures from 2015, it was a standout compared to the industry as a whole.


In October, Ram volume rose nearly 12%. That's the most growth of any major automotive brand.

In year-to-date (YTD) sales, Ram was also the growth leader at 11%. Not bad for a brand that consists of full-size pickups and two commercial vans.

While it wasn't able to outsell the Silverado again, as it had in September, the Ram pickup did report the highest volume growth of any full-size truck, and was second only to the new Nissan Titan in percentage growth. YTD Ram sales are about 29 times those of the Titan, so changes in Titan sales are magnified.

But Ram isn't just about pickups. The ProMaster vans are racking up some good results.


Sales of the full-size ProMaster van soared almost 92% in October and they are up 44% compared to the first ten months of 2015. The only van to beat the ProMaster in YTD growth was the ProMaster City with deliveries up almost 118%.


Ram brand vans were just 193 sales short of Chevrolet in October and, as was the case with the Ram pickup, they cut Chevy's 10-month lead almost in half compared to last year.

Looking at total van sales (minivans plus commercial vans), FCA is the market leader. Even though minivan totals were down from last October, FCA captured a larger share of the market, going from 44.2% to 44.7%. For the year, FCA's dominance has grown from 34.4% in 2015 to 40.2% for the January-October period in 2016.