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Official Hornet release - great price for what you get!

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These and the ones shown on the Stellantis North America YouTube running footage videos are all probably 40k plus. The 30k ones probably won't look nearly this nice. Hope I'm wrong. The only thing I don't like is the screen in the middle of the dash standing up like a cheap monitor. Wish it was more like the Alfa screen. Been WAY too long since new product has been given to the Dodge brand.
I like the exterior better on the Dodge. I guess the Alfa has the same screen as the Hornet then. Could have been better integrated instead of a flat screen sticking up like that.
The Drive has published an interesting, anonymously sourced article claiming that Alfa Romeo is not happy about the lack of differentiation between Tonale and Hornet, either.
I started a thread on that yesterday in Rumors and General Chrysler Discussion section
1 - 3 of 164 Posts
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