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Official Hornet release - great price for what you get!

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There are interior pics out there. Tfl had a video of the interior.

I believe it is nearly identical to the Tonale inside.
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Side comparison
Wheel Tire Car Sky Vehicle
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Hood
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That’s the concept. Even closer to the production model of the Tonale.
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Thanks. It is hard to find production images for these for some reason. Lots of pre-production pics.
These and the ones shown on the Stellantis North America YouTube running footage videos are all probably 40k plus. The 30k ones probably won't look nearly this nice. Hope I'm wrong. The only thing I don't like is the screen in the middle of the dash standing up like a cheap monitor. Wish it was more like the Alfa screen. Been WAY too long since new product has been given to the Dodge brand.
I am impressed how "loaded" even the base GT is. All of them get the 10" gauge display and all get the 10.1" infotainment screen. There is no optional or base screen that I saw presented.

We will see when Build & Price is up.

I think dealers can order today.
Interesting that the R/T with Powerboost gets 0-60 in 6.1
The Grand Cherokee 4xe gets 0-60 in 6.0
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Why would anyone buy the Tonale when they can get essentially the same vehicle, for much cheaper by buying the Dodge?
Unless I missed something, the Tonale has not been priced for the North American market yet. What if they price it at the same level as the Hornet?
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Yes, "What could have been" if Sergio did what he (and others) proposed.....using Dodge volume to support Alfa exclusiveness.

But Sergio fell for the "Dodge and Chrysler are failed brands" preached from all the automotive 'experts' (who turned out to be wrong) and he decided to let Alfa go on its own. Coupled with his bean-counting crappy quality and abused dealer network that provided record low customer satisfaction, Alfa was doomed before it started. If Dodge was connected, it would have been further tarnished.

So, through Sergio's incompetence, Dodge dodged a bullet by being tied to more crappy vehicles.

Now Stellantis needs to prove that it is doing things differently. It is pairing Dodge with Alfa. It is talking a lot about quality for the Tonale launch. We will see if that translates to the Hornet.

Imparato said quality and dealers sucked under FCA. He now needs to demonstrate attention to the problem.
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The REAL question is where will the Tonale be priced?

I do not think North American pricing has been announced.

Given the similarities between Hornet and Tonale, how will they position them in the market price-wise?
The Tonale is expected to start around $37k and go up from there. Which is why Alfa is kinda steamed.
Sorry, but Alfa is not steamed. The article is unsourced. Everyone knew the Tonale and Hornet were going to be twins.

If the Tonale starts at $37k, it is a loser. The Giulia starts at $39K new (OK, $43K with the shortage).
A used Giulia with 20K miles was about $25K (maybe more now with the shortages). The Giulia did not hold its value well at all.

But let's wait for details.
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They have? In which universe? Apart from Tonale there was no big investment after 2016. And the Giorgio investments were not Alfa-exclusive.
The investment into Giorgio came from all the brands under the premise that multiple vehicles would be spawned from the platform.

Instead, the program was stopped by Sergio, then refocused on Alfa only, resulting in only 2 vehicles on Giorgio. The Maserati Grecale is a reworked Giorgio as it shares different dimensions.

Nothing else came on Giorgio and nothing else will. They will not use a platform designed in early 20teens for vehicles that will debut after 2025.
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What will the warranties be for all these new new electric vehicles be and can you still buy a Mopar extended warranty??
Look at Pacifica PHEV, Wrangler 4xe and Grand Cherokee 4xe for a hint.
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Hornet is due for Q4 2022.
It is November 21 and not Build & Price, no new information.

Did anyone hear about delays?
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