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Official Hornet release - great price for what you get!

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The more I see the more I like it. If I was ever in the market (which I am not) for a Macan like vehicle at least now there is a Dodge version with decent pricing. And glad to see the absence of a CVT and the presence of a traditional gear lever. In theory these should do ok if not well…
This isn't a Macan competitor. The Tonale/Hornet is C-segment, the Macan competitor in D-segment is called Stelvio. ;)
Slightly different dashboard, different outer air vents, changed buttons, same seats and general layout. All official pictures:
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Thanks. It is hard to find production images for these for some reason. Lots of pre-production pics.
Well … :p

The Hornet seems to ride higher – if the promo pics are realistic.
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The posted interior was a Giulia. The Hornet even uses the same two layer seats as the Tonale.

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I would venture to guess that this is the last new former FCA product.
From the US brands? In Europe, the three B-SUVs got green light before Stellantis was born (while using a PSA platform) and there's some Maseratis in the pipeline that were designed under FCA.
Alfa's steamed. That's funny. They've gotten a ton of money over the last few years. What kind of returns have they given?
They have? In which universe? Apart from Tonale there was no big investment after 2016. And the Giorgio investments were not Alfa-exclusive.
I don't see how those 2 Alfa products that started development 10 years ago would have slowed down Jeep/Dodge product. If they wanted Giorgio to be an "Alfa first", the GC could have premiered in 2017. Or even 2016 (see Tonale-Hornet). They managed to build a Dodge Dart 2 years after the Alfa Giulietta.

AFAIK every region had its own budget. If you want to accuse any brands absorbing all the big budgets, its Jeep and RAM. Of course they also generate big money.
It was official word that the "Skunk Works" for Giorgio drummed up the best FCA engineers from over the world. Who knows what took FCA so long to use it apart from Giulia/Alfa. Also why they stopped (or didn't start) development of additional Alfa models. Which should have started before Giulia premiered to have something ready in 2018, 2019, 2020.
Back to Hornet, you might have missed this production video series on the Alfa channel:

Playlist with more videos:
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They don't have to share the mechanics (though I wouldn't mind a Giulietta on STLA Medium), they can share premium materials, innovative solutions for assistance, electronics, entertainment, lighting and such. And it seems they will bundle dealerships in Europe.
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Worth watching if you're into car design. He's doing a makeover:

Also did a video about the Charger Daytona SRT Concept:

I hear the doors are the only truly shared body panels, the others are different to some degree.
Huh? The main steel body is identical. Only modular parts (bumper, hood, lights) got changed.
So you guys agree.
I might be confused since English isn't my first language, but aren't the identical roof, fenders, rear quarter … body panels as well?
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From one picture looks like gas filler lid is on different side for Hornet.
The PHEV has lids on both sides.
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