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. . . .My 1956 Savoy has an oil bath air filter/cleaner (Totally foreign concept to me) . . . .
Before the advent of technology of treated paper in the late 1950s which could serve as an air filtering element, oil bath was used. Idea was to route engine intake air over a closed container with oil. The oil vapors would attract the dirt and cleanse the air before entering the engine. At periodic intervals the oil bath cleaner was removed. Empty the dirty oil and clean the interior. Refill wth fresh engine oil and reinstall on the carburetor.

. . . Is that something I should replace with a more typical paper filter/intake? . . . .
I would say yes and avoid the mess of cleaning the oil and then having to properly dispose of the dirty oil. Techology has given us treated paper which makes an excellent filtering media for an air cleaner. I would venture to say that no automotive or industrical engine to include agricultural enterprises uses an oil bath air cleaner. All use paper element filters.

If you want the original look of an oil bath air cleaner on your engine, you can do a Google search and find videos of how to convert an oil bath air cleaner to use paper elements.
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