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You might be able to find a base to fit the carb but it will be hard and likely to wide to clear everything.

Oil bath air cleaner works as follows:
1) 30 weight oil is filled to the level line after cleaning up all the dirt at the bottom of the base.
2) Once installed, the air passing over the oil and up through the mesh in the upper part draws a small amount of oil up into the mesh. It will wet the mesh with oil to attract the dirt but does not have enough air speed to take the oil to the top.
3) Excess oil gets dirty and falls back down into the base carrying the dirt with it and the dirt settles to the bottom. Cycle begins again.

30 weight is thick enough to lift but not be drawn into the carb. We always used non-detergent as it will be less likely to suspend particles. You want them at the bottom of the oil

Not as efficient as a paper filter but surprisingly good.
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