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Oil Filters

A mailing list member asked whether long oil filters, such as the AC PF2 or Fram PH-8A, could be used on a 2.5 liter engine. Both the question and replies are from 1998 and may not be valid today.

Hilary Paprocki wrote: The Purolator Pure One PL30001 oil filter is twice the size of the original filter and filters oil well. It'll fit the Shadow 2.2 and costs the same as the dinky stock number. I did notice a difference in the oil coming out.

Dan Stern wrote:

The long filter has the same internal valving as the short filter. However, on some applications with the Chrysler 40/90 or 50/120 alternators, the long filter may not quite fit. It's a "try it and see" operation.

The PH-16 is the "mid" filter. The PH-8a is the long filter.

Everyone has an opinion on who makes the best <insert name of part>, but the real-world evidence of the potential danger to your engine from using Fram (and, to a lesser extent, AC) filters is sufficient that you won't find such a filter within ten feet of any of my cars.
Chrysler has used Fram as a supplier, but under its own specifications. One powertrain engineer wrote, in 2010, "I don't know who makes the filters today - we vacillate between Wix and Purolator - but the guts inside the filters are different; just because it's made by Wix doesn't make it the same as a Mopar filter. Our OEM (Mopar) filters have better filtration, less flow restriction, and better water resistance than the aftermarket parts."

Greg Kwiatkowsi added in 2015, "Currently, we use Wix or Purolator to make filters to OEM standards, which are higher than off the shelf 'name brands.' Depends on the engine line as to which company gets the work. Keep in mind that all the durability testing is done with the OEM parts." He also noted that any oil should have MS-6395 approval.

S. Benson, ASE Master Tech, wrote, "For those wanting to use a bigger oil filter then the standard small filter (NAPA # 1348) I suggest using the larger NAPA # 1085."


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