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Oil from the breather hose

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On a Turbo II with the air box removed, does anyone have an idea how to collect or stop the oil that drips from the breather hose? It is a typical small amount that will collect on top of the transmission.

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Actually the airflow should be from the breather tube into the crankcase then sucked through the PCV valve and burned in the engine.
Excessive blow-by maybe from a wrong or failing PCV valve, wrong or thin engine oil or failing poorly sealing piston rings.
On my 93 TBI, I thought I had a breather hose problem or blowby problem, because oil was puddling up underneath it on the transmission case; and it wasn't coming from the valve cover gasket.

Turns out it was the head gasket leaking at the driver's rear corner. It used a quart every 1,000 miles, and it would puddle within a couple of days. After the head gasket blew and I fixed it, no more oil puddling, and consumption is over 2,200 miles a quart.
There is a high pressure oil galley passing through the head gasket to lube the cam in that corner. Leaks were very common.
Ah. That might explain why the cam makes more noise than my last 2.5L; and I bought the last one new, this one I'm at least the 3rd owner, so I don't know how it's been treated.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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