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I have a completely rebuilt 2.5 91 Chrysler Daytona with a t2/t3 new turbo boosting at 15 psi. Everything has been rebuilt but now after it has been warmed up, I notice the car starts to burn oil, it has been broken in I have 8,000 kilo on meter. The oil never smells sweet, just oil. I notice that over a week or two's time the coolant level drops a bit and in 2 weeks I have to add about 200ml of oil. I am now running synthetic mobil 1. Was still smoking before non synthetic. Before the car got rebuilt than sat in a garage for awhile.
I am getting for compression. 126,127,130,131. I have my power still, no stalling issues. I have My ac disconnected. My gauge goes into 15 Vac, which is fine I think, No leaks there. It has Moly Rings, Aluminum head, venolia pistons and rods, new plugs, wires, inter cooler with piping, Larger inter cooler.
Ecu has been upgraded/Re programed, new belts, Timing, power steering pumps, relays etc.. Stock throttle bottle but with, Accufab Fuel Pressure Regulator, forge unos boost controller, hks ssq bov,

could this be a turbo issue? got from turbo, seals? or gasket? replaced ith mopar performance gasket and new head bolts.

input please?
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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