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Oil Questions

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I am somewhat confused about the oil specified for use in my 2006 Town & Country Limited.
I am of the thought that 5W-20 oil specified isn't heavy enough.
I just got the van this past Friday, and noticed that on the engine, it specifies 5W-20 oil.
I would have thought it better to use 5W-30 or better yet 10W-30.
I love the 3.8 engine ( never had one of those before ) The van has less than 25,000 miles on it.
Also while on the subject, how "often" do any of you change your oil and filter? And what brand of oil do you use?
and for those who have older high mileage vehicles, do you use the high mileage oils or the "regular" oil,
and lastly, do you use synthetic or "regular " oil
Thanks in advance
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Best to stay with what the factory recommends. The manufacturer performed many extensive tests on your engine before releasing it for sale. There is plenty of good reasons to stay within manufacturers recommendations. I am not disagreeing with the other posters in any way either. Certainly their own personal experiences count in their recommendations. It is only that if you are not too familiar with oils, or their particular unique properties, best to stay "within the box," so to speak. As well, please, for the sake of your engine, never use those so called "mouse milk" oil from a cheapie seller. Use only good oil that meets the manufacturers specifications. No substitute for good oil. For myself, I met an Amsoil representative many years ago, and always used their full synthenic in my vehicles. But, that is only me, and no, I am not publicly endorsing one oil over another, just stating what I used personally. I always got a good price, and that is the main reason. Had he been handling some other oil, good oil, I most likely would have used that as well. Regular oil changes are the real key. Clean oil means a clean engine. Oil is the engine's life blood.
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