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I am somewhat confused about the oil specified for use in my 2006 Town & Country Limited.
I am of the thought that 5W-20 oil specified isn't heavy enough.
I just got the van this past Friday, and noticed that on the engine, it specifies 5W-20 oil.
I would have thought it better to use 5W-30 or better yet 10W-30.
I love the 3.8 engine ( never had one of those before ) The van has less than 25,000 miles on it.
Also while on the subject, how "often" do any of you change your oil and filter? And what brand of oil do you use?
and for those who have older high mileage vehicles, do you use the high mileage oils or the "regular" oil,
and lastly, do you use synthetic or "regular " oil
Thanks in advance

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The reason I asked about oil weights, is that I got a file folder of receipts that
came with the van. I see the guy that bought the van new always used 10W-30
oil, brand unspecified because it was changed at the local dealerships (the original
selling dealership sold off the Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep franchise that they owned so
they could replace it with Kia) and the original owner continued to do business at
the new place.However I don't figure on going to either place, having done business
with both and liking neither.
The oil was last changed in February, but has only travelled about 500 miles since
then. The original owner died in May and the van was tied up until I got it last Friday
The reason I asked about High Mileage oil was because of my 1983 Dodge Ram is
both using and losing oil.
I knew there had been lots of changes with oil in the past 10 years.but I can still hear
my dad telling me about using the "right oil" which is still still in my mind after 45 years!
With all that has gone on in my life in the last 10 years, I am kind of behind the times
with what's the "right stuff" to use
Thanks for the help
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