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Ah. the oil subject. Can get folks worked up as fast as politics.

On the van go with the weight the owners manual/filler cap says. Some manuals have 2 weights listed depending on climate (gives temperture ranges) but not sure if thats so with the newer models. Generally you can go with the manual change interval as well. Depends some on amount and type of driving.

I use AMSOIL synthetic in all of my cars and I use the AMSOIL filters at 25,000 miles. On the daughters' cars that hardly see 10,000/year I use their midline synthetic and use Wix or Napa (wix) filters. Before going synthetic i only used Castrol GTX with good luck but hated changing oil every 4 weeks. Depending on the mileage I'm not sure if i would switch it.

If the car was from an estate and hadn't been driven much recently I would change it right away with good oil and filter. I have an estate car (the 91 5th Ave 3.3) that sat for a long time and had some sludge issues the 1st change or 2. Who knows what was in the car before or when it was changed.

Remember the number in front of the W only takes affect when the oil is below a certain temerature and it behaves like the 2nd number the rest of the time.

Good luck
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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