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omni transmission

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I have a 1989 dodge Omni with a 3speed automatic and im looking for someone willing to swap there manual transmission and parts for my automatic trans with parts. trans has only 39,xxx all original miles with no problems car was completely maintained at a registered dodge garage.
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Welcome to Allpar. Older manual transaxles and parts for them are getting harder to find.
With the 2.2L/2.5L, an '81-'84 4-speed or '83-on 5-speed would work.
Sedans, Chargers, Turismos and Rampage/Scamp used all the same transaxles.
The 5-speed shift linkage used cables. The 4-speed used rods. A near-complete parts donor car may be the best answer as you will need the pedals and PCM as well as the flywhhel/clutch, clutch/shift linkage and center console. The steering column may be different with the interlock. The starter motor may also be different. You will have to wire a reverse light switch and should wire a starter clutch interlock switch for safety.
You might try a inquiry post down the page in the 'Parts Wanted' or 'Cars Wanted' section to see what's out there.
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