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One thing fixed, but more to fix....

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I have things that need repaired on my daytona. Got a big item fixed on it this week, the a/c. Had to get a new compressor, boy those things are expensive! But it is worth it since now I have a/c back in my vehicle!

Next item to fix ( replace) is the arms on the hatch back so I no longer will need the golf club to hold the hatch back up (if I need to put things back there). I do not use the hatchback very much any more as I do not trust the golf club....

Then there is the subject of the cigerette lighter (no I don't smoke). It would be nice if that would work as none of my smart phone chargers work in it any more.....

Oh well, one thing at a time. If I could just win the lottery, I would get all issues fixed at once! :)
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When I got mine, I had neither cigarette lighter nor rear defrost. A connector under the passenger's seat (had to remove the seat) had corroded badly.
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