Defiance Charger

NBC-Universal has invested $100 million into a combination multi-player online game and TV series to air on Syfy. The show and game, named Defiance, will feature Dodge cars, including a “Mad Maxed-out Dodge Challenger,” according to AdWeek  (reported by Sam Thielman, and sent to Allpar by Jared Kindestin).

Mark Malmstead, Dodge senior manager of media, said that he liked the series' “first of its kind” nature, and seeing the Challenger fitted with oversized tires and weaponry. The series goes so far as to include a Dodge dealership, albeit a burned-out one; the Dodge Dart and Charger are also featured. More to the point, the series demographics favor a target market important for the brand, particularly the new Dodge Dart -- the series and game are expected to have a high appeal for 18-to-34 year olds, who, according to Malmstead, as quoted in AdWeek, “can be difficult to reach because they don't sit and watch TV like they used to.”

According to Syfy’s president, Defiance is neither a video game with a TV spinoff, nor a TV series with a tied-in game, but an integrated whole. The game is set to launch on April 1, 2013. (Photo courtesy NBC-Universal. See our Mopars in TV section .)