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I am throwing this question up on a few sites to see what other people think about this solution to a common problem. I have a 92 New Yorker 5th Avenue with a 3.3 with the standard noisy valve-train, this is a motor that I rebuilt and installed when the original motor gave up the ghost. The original motor sounded about the same. I am considering installing a set of lash caps to try and make it quiet. I had various valve-train issues with the original motor including the valve stems cutting perfect round holes in the rockers. So far on this rebuild I have had no issues but I think that eventually that will change, and between the larger surface area of the lash cap and the .080" it will add to the valve tip It may be quieter and more durable. Has anyone tried lash caps on there 3.3L? The noisy valve train seem so common I cant believe I am the only person to consider this.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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