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p codes

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what does a p0440 and p0441, i also have had a p0300 , so i changed the coil,plug wires and plugs, as per a friend that works mainly on mopars for many years, the engine misfire went away for a few miles, roughly 40 or 50 miles and misfire come back, it would miss at an idle, turn on ac it started missing real bad, i can take off real fast and engine missfire goes away thru all rpm range, but if i level off ,steady speed miss fire comes back a little, . my friend said maybe i got a bad coil, so i went back to adv---- auto, pulled the intake back off, and replace coil ,wires ,plugs again, car run fine for a few miles again,. now the missfire is a little worse, and i checked the codes again ,now i have the codes listed above, does any one have any ideas, im a decent mechanic, old school, but i can replace parts ok , just not up on all the new electronic stuff, and i dont really want to pay the dodge dealer to play guessing games with my car, im pretty good at that myself, oh this might help, ive got a 2003 pt cruiser ,automatic ,non turbo, any ideas any one,,, thanks johnny