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Welcome to Allpar. Sorry to hear of the bad luck with your purchase. The 2000 LH Powertrain Diagnostic Procedures book is a great tool to understanding and repairing powertrain fault codes.
First, it would be very unusual that all those components have all failed at the same time. More likely there is a wiring problem causing the fault codes and the trick is to see what they all have in common together.
Use the 'Possible Causes' for each fault code to see what they may all share electrically: Manuals/2000_LH_LHS_300M_Concorde_Intrepid/LH_Powertrain_Diagnostic_Manual/ELH_PWR.PDF

Component locations, connector pinouts, wire color codes and a simplified schematic are shown in the back of the book.
'Voltage low' fault codes are usually caused by a short-to-ground, usually from a wire being pinched or insulation rub-through to ground in the harness.
These can be intermittent which can make diagnosis and verification difficult.
P1496 may be a key fault code as all the engine sensors run on 5 volts. Look for this wire pinched or rubbed through to ground.
Always diagnose first.
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