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P0303 Code +

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I have a 97 TnC 3.8 AWD. Picked up 2 - O2 sensor codes (P0134 and P0135) and 2 TPS codes (P0122 and P0120) and then a P0303 code on a misfire on #3.
Changed upstrem O2 sensor.
Changed TPS.
Put in new plugs , wires and coil pack.

Car in park runs fine, rev up and still seems smooth. Put it on road and a little load makes it start to pop.

Also originally had a P0700 code for the TCS, but I figured I would take car of that after I took care of these other codes.

The van has about 170k on it.

Can anyone help? Car has run fine till this started.

Thanks +
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Are you losing a significant amount of power as you try to accelerate? I'd check the catalytic converter for blockage - may need to replace it.

The P0700 code is just a generic fault code telling you the TCM has other fault codes stored. You'll need a more specialized scanner (DRBIII) to retrieve those codes - the typical engine scanner cannot get the TCM fault codes.
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