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About 5 years ago our 99 Neon (2.0 SOHC, Auto) was blowing fuses left and right. The shop took a look at it and said that the solenoid that engages the torque converter was causing the fuse to short out. He said he could fix it, or simply unplug it and leave the torque converter disengaged. Since I was about to get married I decided to save some money and have them unplugged.

I've been playing with the idea of replacing it lately. What kind of project am I getting myself into? Is it a major project where I have transmission parts scattered across the garage and I'm working on the internals? Is it simply unbolting a few things on the outside of the transmission and swapping it out?

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It's mounted on the valve body that has to come out for service. Disconnect linkage and drop pan. Replace filter and fluid while it's out.
Did the fuse stop blowing after he unplugged it? I've never seen a short to ground with this solenoid. It is the 31TH transaxle and you may find service manual procedures/instructions on the web or at a main public library. Give yourself an afternoon. You will need a T-25(?) torx bit.

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