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P4452006 MP Crossdrilled Headgasket

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Item: Mopar Performance Crossdrilled Headgasket for 2.2L Turbo 2 & 4 and 2.5L Turbo I
Price: Dealer List is $35.10 (as of 7-24-12)
Availability: About 30 in US and none left in Canada (as of 7-24-12) --Still can be ordered from dealers in the US

About: This is the headgasket of choice to many turbo dodge enthusiasts. Cheaper than the stock gasket, less prone to failure in comparison to the Fel-Pro gasket, this gasket is prefered by many.

Notes: This is the crossdrilled headgasket. I just ordered it from the dealer who got it from their Tappan NY warehouse. It features a production date of 12/7/10. With the recent discontinuation of the P4452005 headgasket for 2.2/2.5L NA & 2.2L Turbo I engines, some have reported using this gasket successfully in non crossdrilled blocks.

Special Notes: Mancini Racing no longer carries their late 90's stock of these gaskets.