Chrysler only recently started production of the Pacifica Hybrid, but has already recalled it. The issue isn’t fire-related — a diode could fail prematurely, causing loss of power (the equivalent of stalling in a gasoline powered car).

Dealers will replace inverter modules, but the company must first analyze the root cause, specify new parts, test the fix, and then get the new parts made and into the system.  One Allpar member wrote:
[If] they are using SCRs (gated diodes) in their inverters, it would be for their ruggedness. They would also need capacitors in those modules; it is likely a capacitor that is failing and damaging the diode.

If this is mopped up within the year, I'd rate FCA quality control a solid 11 on a 1-10 scale.In the meantime, there is a stop-sale on the Pacifica Hybrid.

Chrysler is handling this exactly like I would expect a good upstanding company to handle it. It looks bad, they caught it before most went out the door, they have a fix, and they are implementing it.