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Part numbers question? 1997 Ram 1500 4x2 5.2 Auto SLT

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Need part number help. Have lost the center cap out of the driver's rear alloy.
Understand there is limited availability on OEM replacements since new design came out.
Since at least one more of the center caps is loose I'd like to know if there's one part # for all,
or if there's a difference between driver's side / passenger's side / front / rear.

Also ... around here there's an extreme dearth of u-pull yards, and the full-service yard an
hour away wants $200 for a grille shell (the shiny silver frame around the honeycomb) with
attached hood ornament. This seems ... excessive ... to me. Suggestions?

Yeah, the truck's got 179K and change. But it looks good and runs out fine (except I need
the vacuum system gone thru as I have the infamous AC fail to Defrost going uphill). Just
came back from a week in San Antonio, and want to bring the cosmetics back overall.
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The most common center, which also has the habit of falling out, has been revised. The replacement is the chrome style used on the current wheels. It looks good when its in there, even though you don't have chrome wheels. Also, they have a snap ring, unlike the others. You can buy a single, # 52013982AA, for $23 or a pack of 4, # 52013985AA, for around $80.

Concerning your vacuum problem, theres a larger check valve you can install that will fix the problem. The part number we use is 4677204. You just have to pull the rubber elbow off. It will fix you up. It goes in the line running along the firewall under the hood, if I'm not mistaken. I'm a parts guy, not a mechanic, so you will have to forgive me for not knowing the exact location!

Edit: The original # for the wheel center cap is 4753123, but it hasn't been available from Mopar since early 2006. You might find one online somewhere, if that's what you wanted to put back.

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mdh1776 said:
Out of curiosity, what was the part number you bought?
Haven't yet. Visual inspection of the < $20 pair shows they are the wrong physical size -- I think meant for durango / dakota wheels.
Since the new ones are startlingly different-looking, I'd need to replace all four, so I'm waiting for payday. It may have to be the next
payday after this one, though, as the starter solenoid switch went squirrelly and my SO is now convinced the truck's gonna strand me.
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