The current Jeep Compass and Patriot will live on another model year, according to reliable source oh2o. The down side for people who like the compact Jeeps is that they are unlikely to be produced past the end of calendar-year 2017.

The Compass is to be replaced by a new crossover or SUV based on the same platform as the current Jeep Renegade. While the Renegade essentially took the Patriot’s place in the lineup and has been challenging it in sales, the old Compass remains intact. Neither has been especially updated since a 2011 refresh, other than minor ongoing improvements.

The current Compass and Patriot are both made in the same plant as the Dodge Dart, in Belvidere, Illinois. The Renegade is made in Italy and various rumors peg the Compass as being made in Brazil, Italy, and Toluca, Mexico. The Compass replacement, and with it the end of the Patriot, may well be waiting for factory changes; Toluca is currently making both the Dodge Journey and the slow-selling Fiat 500.