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NOTE ESPECIALLY THE '53 AND '80 DODGES, AND THE '58 JEEP! AND DON'T FORGET THE 1956 POWELL (PLYMOUTH?!) Exhibit open now through April 6, 2014.

Exhibit Title, "Pickups: The Art Of Utility".

"Created to be a functional workhorse, the pickup truck has evolved into a high profile means of personal expression. The Petersen Automotive Museum’s newest exhibition, Pickups: The Art of Utility illustrates how vehicles with such modest and practical beginnings have matured to become everyday high-tech luxury vehicles for some and indispensable tools of the trade for others. Vehicles on display include: 1909 International Harvester, 1932 Ford B pickup, 1934 Hudson Terraplane pickup, 1938 American Bantam, 1941 Studebaker Coupe Delivery, 1941 Chevrolet ½ Ton, 1942 Crosley, 1948 GMC, 1952 Ford (Marmon-Harrington-4-Wheel Drive), 1953 Dodge Swivel Frame, 1956 Powell, 1958 Ford Ranchero, 1958 Jeep, 1959 Datsun, 1968 Volkswagen, 1968 pro-touring Chevrolet C-10, 1980 Dodge Little Red Express, 2000 Ford Ranger EV and 2002 Isuzu Axiom XSR."

Here's the exhibit link: ENJOY!!!

This multiple post offered for the edification of the Allpar Community.
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