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Ken Soukup: 1968 Plymouth Sport Fury, 1970 Fury Convertible

I own a 1968 Sport Fury with a 383 magnum 4 speed which is all original. A gentleman in my home town bought specially equipped to tow his trailer to Florida. I also own a 1970 Fury III convertible. That was the last year they made the full size convertible and only 1,954 were made. The Sport Fury name was introduced in 1959 not 1962. At that time they had the fury and the Sport Fury was the luxury/performance model of the two. If you have any other questions concerning the Fury line you can contact my father, Harold Soukup. He has collected Chrysler product cars since the 50's as well as serving as the President of the National Plymouth 4 and 6 cylinder club during the seventies. He has quite a collection of original sales literature and other Plymouth literature. To my knowledge, he has owned a Fury from every year starting in '56 to '71. He has been a greater resource to me than any source I have ever found. Thanks for this great page on Furys.

<a name="dwayne"></a>Dwayne Schnell: 1965 Plymouth Fury III


I rebuilt it over a course of a elongated and un-busy year. I am the fifth owner of it, my dad, who partially saved it for me was the second or third. Then he sold it to his brother, then he to another brother. I bought it for a dollar (for registration purposes) and rebuilt the 318 engine from scratch. I had to bore the cylinders 10 thou over, and put over sized pistons in it, other wise it is completely stock. I did the body work and gave it a paint job last spring/summer, and this summer I will do the interior. It has a column shifter automatic, and I can only get it up to 120 mph. Not much else to say about it, other than it is a fun car to learn mechanics on, and also to drive.

In 2010, Dwayne added: This car was originally owned by my father's old teacher, Larry Regner. He sold it to my dad, Mike Schnell, who then sold it to my brother Brad, who sold it to me; I sold it back to him. He doesn't drive it much any more. He had the interior re-upholstered in approximately 2002, and it has been in storage most of the time since (it comes out once in a while for a lube drive). Maybe it will get passed on to my daughter as her first car... only 12 more years!

Tony Scales: 1967 Plymouth Sport Fury

My car has been completely redone with new interior from Year One, New Viper Blue paint, and a new built 440 HP. I have installed American Racing Torq-Thrust D's. Thanks and I like your web pages.


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