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Plymouth Prowler Media Launch Introduction Memorabilia For Sale

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Being a manager and then director with Chrysler Media Relations Staff from 1995 to 2003, among the numerous product launches I helped plan and execute were the first drives of the 1997 Plymouth Prowler in the Los Angeles area for the global automotive press. Available are items from my small collection of unused, excellent condition Prowler launch event material:
  • One numbered (20/500) limited-edition press gift. This is a brushed aluminum box with a cover and image for wall mounting. Inside is a 54-page, screw-bound book about the development of the Prowler, including a comprehensive slide set. Rare. $185 plus shipping.
  • One Plymouth Prowler Owner's Manual, still in shrink wrap and complete with the purple vinyl case, plus one unopened Sony/Infinity CD featuring 15 songs for cruising. $85 for the set plus shipping.
  • Two hardbound launch books (NOT the dealer brochures) called "Who Would Build a Tribute to Hot Rods..." that tells the Prowler development story from one end, then flips over to give a brief history of hot rods. Rare. $65 each plus shipping.
  • A limited number of 12x12 inch Prowler heavy paper stock launch pieces featuring Art Deco Prowler art, fold-out poster, slide set, with a large custom-made mailing envelope from Chrysler Media Relations. $30 each plus shipping.
  • Two fold-out brochures/posters 16 1/2 x 6 inches - only one with a yellow Prowler on the cover. $20 each plus shipping.
  • Three 16 1/2 x 6 inch four-panel Prowler brochures. $12 each plus shipping.
I also have a limited number of metal 1:43 scale Prowler models mounted on a special stand made for the media event. Please inquire.
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