Since 1998, Allpar has provided new features every week. This is a sneak peek of two features scheduled to appear on Monday:

What happened to the 2006 Imperial? — unveiled at the Detroit auto show, this longer-wheelbase version of the Chrysler 300C boasted a radically different approach to the cabin and exterior styling. The Imperial presaged today’s big center screens, and showed a direct of styling the company never quite carried out — one which would have made the Imperial unique.

What happened? Why did we never see the long-rumored Imperial? Read about it here.

The 1932 Plymouth PB .  First marketed in 1928, by 1932 Plymouth coupes had become a great success for the Chrysler Corp. With new features like hydraulic brakes on all four wheels, they were competing well against lower priced Ford’s Model A, GM's Chevrolet, and the Willys-Overland Whippet . This story delves into the reasons behind Plymouth’s popularity — and why many believe the PB was the best of the brand.   Read more...