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Plymouth Trailduster interchange question

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A friend has a 1979 Plymouth Trailduster and needs the lower tailgate replaced, usual rust issues. Some say you can only use the Trailduster, others say you can use the gate from a 70's Dodge pickup. Anybody have a definite answer? Thanks!
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Do an images search of the two models to start with and then you can determine if they at least look alike, might just be a chrome accent difference.

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Motor lists the 1978-1980 Ram pickup/Dodge Ramcharger/Plymouth Trailduster tailgate shell as the same part # 4113262.
Possibly earlier tailgates will work, but I have a gap in years. Google it.

I have a 1975 Dodge D100.

I bought a tailgate from a 1977 Plymouth Trail Duster from a wrecking yard and replaced the shabby looking Dodge one.

It fits and works perfectly.

You just need to remove the tire mount off the Plymouth tailgate.

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