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Plymouth Wins at NASCAR

provided by Lawrence A. Cole

Printed by permission. April 2001.

YearDateRaceWinning DriverTrack
194910/02 7Lee PettyHeidelberg Speedway
195009/0413Johnny MantzDarlington Raceway
195009/2415Leon SalesN. Wilkesboro Speedway
195010/1517Herb ThomasMartinsville Speedway
195010/2919Lee PettyOcconeechee Speedway
195107/3118Lee PettyMonroe County Fairgrounds
195207/1121Lee PettyMorristown Speedway
195209/0726Lee PettyCentral City Speedway
195209/1427Lee PettyLanghorne Speedway
195906/1420Lee PettyLakewood Speedway
195906/1821Lee PettyColumbia Speedway
195908/2935Lee PettyColumbia Speedway
195909/1137Lee PettyHickory Speedway
195909/2040Lee PettyOrange Speedway
195910/1142Lee PettyAsheville-Weaverville Spdwy
195910/1843Lee PettyN. Wilkesboro Speedway
196002/28 6Richard PettyCharlotte Fairgrounds
196003/27 7Lee PettyN. Wilkesboro Speedway
196004/1010Richard PettyMartinsville Speedway
196004/2415Lee PettyAsheville-Weaverville Spdwy
196005/2918Lee PettyOrange Speedway
196006/0519Lee PettyAtlantic Rural Fairgrounds
196007/1024Lee PettyHeidelberg Stadium
196009/1839Richard PettyOrange Speedway
196111/20 2Lee PettySpeedway Park
196104/2317Richard PettyAtlantic Rural Fairgrounds
196105/2120Richard PettyCharlotte Motor Speedway
196204/1512Richard PettyN. Wilkesboro Speedway
196204/2215Richard PettyMartinsville Speedway
196207/1432Richard PettyGreenville-Pickens Speedway
196207/2936Jim PaschalBristol Intl Speedway
196208/0538Jim PaschalFairgrounds Speedway
196208/0839Richard PettyHuntsville Speedway
196208/1240Jim PaschalAsheville-Weaverville Spdwy
196208/1541Richard PettyRoanoke Raceway
196208/1842Richard PettyBowman Gray Stadium
196208/2143Richard PettyHub City Speedway
196209/3051Richard PettyN. Wilkesboro Speedway
196311/04 1Jim PaschalBirmingham Speedway
196311/11 2Richard PettyGolden Gate Speedway
196311/22 3Jim PaschalTar Heel Speedway
196303/02 8Richard PettyPiedmont Interstste Fairgds
196303/03 9Richard PettyAsheville-Weaverville Spdwy
196304/1417Richard PettySouth Boston Speedway
196304/1518Jim PaschalBowman Gray Stadium
196304/2119Richard PettyMartinsville Speedway
196304/2820Richard PettyN. Wilkesboro Speedway
196305/0221Richard PettyColumbia Speedway
196305/0522Jim PaschalTar Heel Speedway
196305/1824Richard PettyOld Dominion Speedway
196306/0927Richard PettyBirmingham Intl Raceway
196307/2136Richard PettyBridgehampton Race Circuit
196307/3038Richard PettyGreenville-Pickens Speedway
196308/0439Jim PaschalNashville Raceway
196308/0840Richard PettyColumbia Speedway
196310/0551Richard PettyTar Heel Speedway
196310/2053Richard PettySouth Boston Speedway
196412/29 4Richard PettySavannah Speedway
196402/23 8Richard PettyDaytona Intl Speedway
196405/0120LeeRoy Yarbrough
196405/1724Richard PettySouth Boston Speedway
196405/2425Jim PaschalCharlotte Motor Speedway
196405/3026LeeRoy YarbroughGreenville-Pickens Speedway
196406/1129Richard PettyConcord Intl Speedway
196406/1430Richard PettyFairgrounds Speedway
196406/2634Richard PettyPiedmont Interstate Fairgds
196408/0243Richard PettyFairgrounds Speedway
196408/1647Richard PettyWest Virginia Intl Speedway
196410/2560Richard PettyHarris Speedway
196507/3135Richard PettyFairgrounds Speedway
196508/0837Richard PettyAsheville-Weaverville Spdwy
196509/1046Richard PettyHickory Speedway
196509/1748Richard PettyOld Dominion Speedway
196611/14 1Richard PettyAugusta Speedway
196602/25 3Paul GoldsmithDaytona Intl Speedway
196602/27 5Richard PettyDaytona Intl Speedway
196603/13 6Paul GoldsmithN. Carolina Motor Spdwy
196603/27 8Jim HurtubiseAtlanta Intl Raceway
196604/1713Jim PaschalN. Wilkesboro Speedway
196604/2414Jim PaschalMartinsville Speedway
196604/3015Richard PettyDarlington Raceway
196605/0716Richard PettyLangley Field Speedway
196605/1017Richard PettyMiddle Georgia Raceway
196605/2220Marvin PanchCharlotte Motor Speedway
196606/1225Richard PettyAsheville-Weaverville Spdwy
196607/2434Paul GoldsmithBristol Intl Speedway
196607/2835Paul LewisSmoky Mountain Raceway
196607/3036Richard PettyFairgrounds Speedway
196608/0737Richard PettyAtlanta Intl Raceway
196711/13 1Richard PettyAugusta Speedway
196703/05 6Richard PettyAsheville-Weaverville Spdwy
196704/0611Richard PettyColumbia Speedway
196704/0912Richard PettyHickory Speedway
196704/2314Richard PettyMartinsville Speedway
196704/3016Richard PettyVirginia State Fairgrounds
196705/1317Richard PettyDarlington Raceway
196705/1918Jim PaschalBeltsville Speedway
196705/2019Richard PettyLangley Field Speedway
196705/2820Jim PaschalCharlotte Motor Speedway
196706/0221Jim PaschalAsheville Speedway
196706/0622Richard PettyMiddle Georgia Raceway
196706/0823Richard PettySmoky Mountain Raceway
196706/1825Richard PettyN. Carolina Motor Spdwy
196706/2426Richard PettyGreenville-Pickens Speedway
196706/2727Jim PaschalMontgomery Speedway
196707/0929Richard PettyTrenton Speedway
196707/1331Richard PettyFonda Speedway
196707/1532Richard PettyIslip Speedway
196707/2333Richard PettyBristol Intl Speedway
196707/2935Richard PettyFairgrounds Speedway
196708/1237Richard PettyBowman Gray Stadium
196708/1738Richard PettyColumbia Speedway
196708/2539Richard PettySavannah Speedway
196709/0440Richard PettyDarlington Raceway
196709/0841Richard PettyHickory Speedway
196709/1042Richard PettyVirginia State Fairgrounds
196709/1543Richard PettyBeltsville Speedway
196709/1744Richard PettyOrange Speedway
196709/2445Richard PettyMartinsville Speedway
196710/0146Richard PettyN. Wilkesboro Speedway
196811/26 2Richard PettyMontgomery Speedway
196804/07 8Richard PettyHickory Speedway
196804/13 9Richard PettyGreenville-Pickens Speedway
196805/3119Richard PettyAsheville Speedway
196806/0621Richard PettySmoky Mountain Raceway
196806/0822Richard PettyBirmingham Speedway
196806/2224Richard PettyGreenville-Pickens Speedway
196807/0927Richard PettyOxford Plains Speedway
196807/1128Richard PettyFonda Speedway
196807/2531Richard PettySmoky Mountain Raceway
196808/2337Richard PettySouth Boston Speedway
196809/0841Richard PettyVirginia State Fairgrounds
196809/1543Richard PettyOrange Speedway
196809/2244Richard PettyMartinsville Speedway
196809/2945Richard PettyN. Wilkesboro Speedway
196810/2748Richard PettyN. Carolina Motor Spdwy
196911/17 1Richard PettyMiddle Georgia Raceway
196912/08 2Bobby AllisonMontgomery Speedway
197002/22 4Pete HamiltonDaytona Intl Speedway
197003/08 6Richard PettyN. Carolina Motor Spdwy
197003/15 7Richard PettySavannah Speedway
197004/1210Pete HamiltonAlabama Intl Motor Speedway
197004/1811Richard PettyN. Wilkesboro Speedway
197004/3012Richard PettyColumbia Speedway
197006/1420Richard PettyRiverside Intl Raceway
197006/2622Richard PettyKingsport Speedway
197007/0725Richard PettyAlbany-Saratoga Speedway
197007/1227Richard PettyTrenton Speedway
197007/2429Richard PettySmoky Mountain Raceway
197008/0231Richard PettyAtlanta Intl Raceway
197008/1133Richard PettyInternational Raceway Park
197008/2335Pete HamiltonAlabama Intl Motor Speedway
197008/2836Richard PettyBowman Gray Stadium
197008/2937Richard PettySouth Boston Speedway
197009/1340Richard PettyRichmond Fairgrounds Raceway
197009/2041Richard PettyDover Downs Intl Speedway
197009/3042Richard PettyState Fairgrounds Speedway
197010/1845Richard PettyMartinsville Speedway
197011/0846Richard PettyMiddle Georgia Raceway
197102/11 2Pete HamiltonDaytona Intl Speedway
197102/14 4Richard PettyDaytona Intl Speedway
197103/07 6Richard PettyRichmond Fairgrounds Raceway
197103/14 7Richard PettyN. Carolina Motor Spdwy
197103/21 8Richard PettyHickory Speedway
197104/0811Richard PettyColumbia Speedway
197104/1513Richard PettySmoky Mountain Raceway
197104/1814Richard PettyN. Wilkesboro Speedway
197104/2515Richard PettyMartinsville Speedway
197105/2119Richard PettyNew Asheville Speedway
197106/2626Richard PettyGreenville-Pickens Speedway
197107/1429Richard PettyAlbany-Saratoga Speedway
197107/1530Richard PettyIslip Speedway
197107/1831Richard PettyTrenton Speedway
197107/2432Richard PettyFairgrounds Speedway
197108/0133Richard PettyAtlanta Intl Raceway
197108/0835Richard PettyInternatrional Raceway Park
197108/2738Richard PettyColumbia Speedway
197110/1743Richard PettyDover Downs Intl Speedway
197110/2444Richard PettyN. Carolina Motor Spdwy
197111/1446Richard PettyRichmond Fairgrounds Raceway
197112/1248Richard PettyTexas World Speedway
197201/23 1Richard PettyRiverside Intl Raceway
197202/27 3Richard PettyRichmond Fairgrounds Raceway
197204/23 9Richard PettyN. Wilkesboro Speedway
197204/3010Richard PettyMartinsville Speedway
197206/2516Richard PettyTexas World Speedway
197209/1025Richard PettyRichmond Fairgrounds Raceway
197209/2427Richard PettyMartinsville Speedway
197210/0128Richard PettyN. Wilkesboro Speedway
197308/1220Dick BrooksAlabama Intl Motor Speedway

Total Wins = 190

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