Last week, we received messages from several readers who asked about the Dodge Power Dollars program. Posts in some Dodge-related social media groups suggested that the program had been extended, so we reached out to FCA for more information.

Remarkably, information being passed around the internet was accurate for a change – or at least it was somewhat accurate. We have confirmed with FCA that the Dodge Power Dollars program has been extended to the end of January, but there are a few restrictions. As was the case before, the Power Dollars program only applies to 2019 model year vehicles, but during the month of January, the program only applies to the Challenger and Charger.

Power Dollars

The Dodge Power Dollars program offers a discount of $10 for every horsepower, so the 717-horsepower Hellcat Challenger comes with a discount of $7,170.

This means that if you are ready to buy now, you could save at least $7,070 on a 2019 Hellcat Charger, $7,170 on a 2019 Hellcat Challenger, $7,970 on a Challenger Redeye, $4,850 on a Scat Pack model or $3,750/$3,700 on an R/T. There are also horsepower-based discounts for the V6 models, but with the power levels for those models varying, we will let you do the math on that.

As you might imagine, a discount of more than $7,000 helped spur Hellcat sales over the past few months, helping both the Challenger and Charger finish the year strong. Challenger finished second in muscle car sales for the second year in a row while the Charger was, once again, the bestselling large sedan and rear-drive-based vehicle in the US market for the 2019 calendar year.

Great Inventory Remaining

I did a quick local search to see what kind of Chargers and Challengers remain from the 2019 model year in local inventory.

When I searched for Hellcat Challengers in the North-Metro Detroit area, I found 13 vehicles, including two “original” Hellcat Challengers, two Hellcat Redeyes with the standard-width body, two original Hellcats with the widebody package and seven examples of the Challenger Hellcat Redeye Widebody. Based on the information available online, those are all automatic models.

If the Challenger Scat Pack is more your thing, there are 22 examples of the 485-horsepower muscle car, including several widebody models.

If you are on the hunt for a 2019 Charger SRT Hellcat sedan, the inventory in North-Metro Detroit looks good there as well, with 11 vehicles available. Several of them are the Octane Edition, for anyone who likes that murdered-out look There are also plenty of Scat Pack models available locally as well, so like the Challenger, discount buyers right now can pick from multiple high performance sedans.

Of course, inventory in your area will vary from my local results, but with Power Dollars being extended for the 2019 Challenger and Charger through the end of this month, you have a couple more weeks to save big money on a supercharged Mopar machine.