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Power steering issues in 96 Caravan 3.0, 3 speed

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Hello, I have a rather strange power steering issue in my 96 Caravan. When coming out of a right turn and accelerating I can feel a vibration in the steering wheel. It's not horrible and I have lived with it for quite a few years. However, we always take the Caravan to Colorado every year to fish. Last summer the problem really started when we were coming up Slumgullion Pass near Lake City, Colorado. It started to make a very loud noise and the vibration in the steering was very pronounced. But as soon as we topped the pass, it stopped. Same problem going up Cucharas Pass and Raton Pass. But again, as soon as we topped the passes, the noise and vibration stopped. It's obviously related to gravity but I don't know exactly how--maybe the power steering pump. Back here on the High Plains of Texas and flat as a pancake, it's not a real problem. But I think I need to get it fixed before next summer. Thanks.