A 2017 RAM Power Wagon has won the Bone Stock Award at the all-female Rebelle Rally for the second straight year.

In all, 36 two-woman teams competed in the rally for seven days over a 750-mile precision course laid out - on-road and off - between Lake Tahoe, Nevada and the Imperial Sand Dunes in California.

Only 11 of the competitors' trucks were eligible for the Bone Stock award, given to a team driving a vehicle driven "exactly as delivered from the factory," according to an FCA release . Non-factory tires were allowed, but only in factory-issued size.

The members of winning Team 4 Corners - which was sponsored and supported by RAM Truck - were Nena Barlow of Sedona, Arizona, and Chris Mayne of Chaville, France. They finished second overall, finishing only two points behind the winners' 1,177 point total, and on original factory tires (Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac).

Rally founder Emily Miller, an off-road racing veteran, said her vision for the Rebelle "was to create an event that rewards intelligence, proper planning and attention to detail." No GPS is allowed, and no pre-running. Speed doesn't win; accuracy does.

"The rally is not for cars, but a true test of stock trucks," said Miller, who was the first U.S. woman to finish on the podium of the decades-old, 2,500-km all-female Gazelle Rally in Morocco.

Barlow, who finished third in the Rebelle Rally last year, said her Power Wagon was the only vehicle powerful enough and with enough clearance to make it to the top of Oldsmobile Hill in the famous Glamis Sand Dunes portion of the event.