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Pre-Launch Original PT Cruiser Mailers/Literature

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Anyone interested in a small collection of pre-launch and early PT Cruiser literature? Hoping to get $30.
  1. Original letter from Chrysler August 24, 1999 w/envelope
  2. "Penny for Your Thoughts" mailer with penny glued inside w/envelope
  3. "What Color do you Want Your PT Crusier to Be?" unopened mailer still in sealed envelope.
  4. "Another Way to Look at PT Cruiser" unopened mailer still in sealed envelope.
  5. 2000 Chrysler Entire Line-up brochure with 2001 PT Cruiser
  6. 2002 "Rekindle the Flame" PT Cruiser Brochure
Please respond here if interested. I can send photos. All are in great shape.