Prefix Corporation is official engine supplier for Stevens-Miller Racing’s fleet of Hemi-powered Dodge Challenger Trans-Am race cars for the 2018 season.

Joe Stevens, owner of Stevens-Miller Racing, said, “We allow racers to leverage our experience and equipment at a lower cost compared to building their own car and team.”

Prefix Arrow 392 Hemi crate engine
The new racing engines share a good deal with the Prefix crate engine, above

Stevens-Miller Racing will field four TA2 Dodge Challengers, making it the largest Dodge presence in all Trans Am classes combined. The newly re-homologated Prefix 392 Hemi Engine has an enhanced power curve that should perform strongly against the Chevrolets and Fords.

Last year, Prefix started selling “turnkey” Hemi 392/426 crate engines.  The Trans Am (TA2) series is great test bed for further development, accelerating performance and durability testing.  The Prefix 392 race engines that currently power the Stevens-Miller Racing Team have many of the same parts as the crate engines.

Prefix has four facilities in the Detroit area, with over 250 employees; the performance division is in Auburn Hills, and also does Viper engine re-builds and upgrades, dyno testing, dynamic valve train testing, design, fabrication, and on-site engine calibration. They also do specialty vehicle conversions and low-volume custom vehicle production.

Stevens-Miller Racing, formally known as Miller Racing, has earned over 25 podiums, two championships, multiple Hard Charger Awards, and Rookie of the Year.