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Price check- fuel pump r&r

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I have an estimate for c$680 parts and labour. Is that a fair price (dealer).

2005 grand caravan 3.3 l
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About 10 years ago I paid nearly $500 for parts and labor for my car. So it sounds right. If you could do it yourself, you could probably get out of it for about $250.

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That probably sounds right. Neighbor across the street had to have the fuel pump replaced on her Taurus wagon - was in the $600 USD range at a local shop. That was about 6 months ago.

About 10-12 years ago ti cost me ~$400 to replace the fuel pump on the '92 Acclaim I had at the time. It was done at a local shop.

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Thanks. I have never paid for one before, and I have not established any relationship with this dealer yet.

Mrs is at the point where she thinks the van is not reliable. I keep telling her $600 now and then is better than $600 every month.

"But you put $3000 in to it a few months ago!"

"That was 10 months ago... do the math."

- Jeff, aka "he who sleeps on couch"

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Several factors will affect the price of the replacement pump and the overall cost for this repair. Is the 3.3L V6 designed for Flex - Fuel, ie. E85 ethanol? If yes then the replacement pump has seals designed for the more corrosive nature of ethanol. This will increase the pump cost by $80 - $100.

Does the vehicle have Stow N Go seating where the 2nd and 3rd row seats fold into the floor? If ;yes that increases the cost of the replacement pump. I saw such a price distinction on the site when viewing replacement pumps.

If you are a handy do-it-yourselfer you can avoid a big repair shop markup on the pump and do the repair yourself. If you order parts from you save quite a bit in expense.
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