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Up for sale and viewing by appointment only is a collection of cars. The cars have been stored inside and certainly have a history. Should you have interest in any one car reach out and call (304) 376-9057 for pricing, more photos, and information. Feel free to share this with anyone/everyone who comes to mind. Thank you in advance.

1970 Dodge Challenger T/A - SURVIVOR
1970 Dodge Challenger - All parts and 383 engine come with the car
1973 Dodge Challenger

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Hood
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Hood
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Hood

Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Steering part Steering wheel

Vehicle Car Steering part Motor vehicle Steering wheel
Motor vehicle Car Vehicle Automotive design Car seat cover
Hood Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive lighting Car
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Hood

Car Vehicle Steering part Motor vehicle Car seat cover
Motor vehicle Automotive design Car seat cover Rectangle Car seat
Motor vehicle Hood Automotive lighting Automotive design Automotive exterior

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Nice photos of really cool cars. I'd like to know in what state they are located, and what are their asking prices. I'd also like to know their individual mileages, and mechanical condition.
304 is a West Virginia area code. Of course, this doesn't necessarily mean that's where the cars are. Best way to find out if you're REALLY serious, is to call that posted number.
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