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Welcome to Allpar. Not everything will leave behind a fault code (life would be too easy if it did). The TCM just faults what it sees.
Certainly documentation is on your side, even if nothing is found it is important that a repair order is written each and every time with the date, mileage and customer concern. Unfortunately, you are on the hook for a diagnostic charge unless something that can be covered is found. As a goodwill gesture if you have paid diagnostic charges in the past, the service manager may waive the diagnostic charge. It never hurts to ask. Bring all your documents with you. You may want to involve the service manager as a service desk advisor has limited pull.
Intermittent problems are the worst for both customers and dealers. As a suggestion, you may ask that they install the data recording device known as the 'co-pilot' and let you take the vehicle for a spell until the problem occurs.
The TCM also has an Event Viewer, but that may be limited in its scope.
Once a transaxle enters limp-in it will not upshift, but stay in second gear until a key-cycle for soft failures and until the problem is fixed for hard failures.
An engine power loss can also make things feel like a transmission problem when it isn't.
By pressing the button on the co-pilot, it will record dealer selected engine and transaxle sensor voltages, speeds, temperatures, pressures and actuators actions for the previous 90 seconds. It can hold up to 3 separate recordings so if you don't get a good one at first, you still can record 2 more.
Back at the shop, the co-pilot can be downloaded into the MDS and even sent to Chrysler STAR for examination and their thoughts as to the root cause.
If the only clue has been a transaxle speed sensor, maybe this will go farther and deeper into why this is happening.
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