Reuters reported that PSA’s and FCA’s boards have approved  binding notes of understanding to merge. The announcement will likely take place tomorrow (Wednesday) morning, leaving a  combined automaker bigger than General Motors or Ford.

FCA’s non-Giorgio platforms are likely to be replaced by Peugeot’s more modern designs; most of the former-Chrysler’s engines are likely safe, since PSA’s powerplants top out at 1.6 liters. The group will have some strong brands (Jeep, Maserati, Ram, and Peugeot), some regional brands (Vauxhall, Chrysler, Lancia, and Dodge), two not-quite-successful attempts at upscale markets (DS and Alfa Romeo), as well as Fiat and Citroën. The heritage of the various brands is all over the map.

It’s quite possible PSA will continue as the name of the combined group, but it’s also possible they will end up with a new name. The question is, what would that new name be? Global Motors would be clever but there’s really only room for one “GM.” Global Auto is already taken by an industry magazine. “LotsoBrands” is not flattering, though accurate, and couldn’t really be globalized.

Let’s throw it out to you, our readers—what name do you think the global company should have? PSFCA? PFSCA? PSAFCA? CPSAFA? Or something more prosaic, like Last Stand Motors? Use the comment box!