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I just bought an abused 2006 PT Cruiser for my kids, it only has 144500 km but it was not taken care of, I've replaced the front wheel bearing and the boot and tires and spent 2 whole days just cleaning. I have an OBDll reader and the only code was a battery disconnected in last 50 starts. But the thing is the dash displays P,R,N, D only and the shifter has 1 and 3 on the floor unit but it doesn't go down beyond drive. I have gone out on the highway and you can feel and see the tach indicate that the transmission is shifting as it should. 100 kph (60mph) is a touch over 2000 rpm.
So is this normal with the base model with a 2.4 engine and automatic transmission? It runs fine and with the bearing replaced an awful lot quieter.

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Welcome to Allpar. First rule out a shifter, cable or valve body binding condition.
With the car on level ground with the wheels chocked and the parking brake set, pull the air cleaner and pop the shift cable end grommet off of the transaxle shift lever. You should be able to count the 'clicks' to see if the transaxle is capable of all ranges. The dash indicator readout should follow the gear ranges with the ign key on. There may be one extra click on the lever as that moves the internal Park gear rod into a holder in order to lower the valve body for service.
If everything is present on the transaxle side, the center shift console will have to come up the see what's possibly binding in there or with the cable.
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