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PT Cruiser 2004 2.2L CRD Diesel - Split Turbo Pipe/Hose

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Hello all!

I'm currently in the process of replacing a split Turbo Hose on my PT Cruiser.

I purchased the part from Chrysler PT Cruiser parts and accessories from the PT Company after getting the infamous "unknown" Fault code P01A4.

It's really great, because they even provide you with fitting instructions which can be found here:

Every thing was going great, until I tried to re-attached to "C-Clip". When I took it off, apart from the fact that there isn't very much room to see anything, the general area was completely covered in oil due to the split pipe, so I can't even say as how it was attached in the first place.

The instructions are great apart from this part of the job

"To fit the new pipe, fit the C clip first and check it’s in the correct position - the wire should be visible when you look inside the pipe if its correctly placed in the locating slots (It can fit either way up)."

Firstly it says "the wire should be visible when you look inside the pipe", the C-Clip is way too big in diameter to fit inside the pipe and secondly if you check out the pictures at the bottom you can clearly see it on the outside.

it then continues to say:

"(the rim around the pipe sits flush with the rim of the
intercooler - if it’s not flush it’s not pushed home enough"

If the C-Clip attached to the pipe it prevents it from sitting flush.

I'm kind of at the point where I don't even see what this C-Clip does and there is next to nothing on the internet information wise regarding it existence.

I called up the guy at and he wasn't sure and referred me to the guy who wrote the above instructions but I'm not getting a response from him.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!


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Welcome to Allpar. A good exploded-view diagram would show how things go together. If you have it apart, try to place things as they would look going together. If you see the C-clip externally and if that's the way it came apart, that is the way it should go together.
If you can't find a picture on the internet, perhaps a public library might have a factory service manual or a subscription like Alldata to get information from?
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