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PT cruiser GT handbrake

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How do one adjust these things?
I cant find any starwheel behind the rubber plug, only a spring.
Note that this thing have rear discs with a smalldrum in the center.
Need to remove the discs to get inside but on one side the disc gets
caught by the brake shoes and on the other side the disc wont move at all.
Any one who has a exploded wiew of this setup?
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Many times the cable lever at (#12) sticks 'on' from rust, especially if the parking brakes aren't used much. You may be able to tap it back 'off' with a small hammer. It should move freely. Sometimes they are best removed during the rear brake service and soaked with solvent/penetrant and worked until the lever is free. A layer of protective lube will keep them free. The rubber boot (#13) doesn't really keep it from corroding over the years.
There is a star-wheel at (#6) that may be above the spring inside the access slot. You want this fully retracted in order to remove the disc. Sometimes a ridge of rust will still make removal difficult and if force needs to be involved, replace the bent brake hardware with a kit.
The parking brake shoes really never wear out unless they are stuck on. I have had a layer of rust form between the shoe and the lining cause the lining to actually separate from the shoe. Springs can lose their tension from brake heat. Replace anything that looks questionable while you are in there.

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